The Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination Community of Practice is a community of technology organizations, implementers, and subject matter experts who use, develop, or support digital tools in country-led efforts to eliminate malaria.

Who We Are

The Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination Community of Practice is a community of technology organizations, implementers, and subject matter experts who use, develop, or support digital tools in country-led efforts to eliminate malaria.

Problem Statement

“After an unprecedented period of success in global malaria control, progress has stalled. Data from 2015–2017 highlight that no significant progress in reducing global malaria cases was made in this period. There were an estimated 219 million cases and 435 000 related deaths in 2017.” – WHO World malaria report 2018

Our Objectives

The Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination (DSME) Community of Practice (COP) supports governments in their efforts to eliminate malaria by building and supporting comprehensive and sustainable malaria surveillance systems to make complete, timely, and accurate data reporting easier and to improve decision-making processes. The establishment of this community was made possible by the DSME project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. View the 1 pager.


The COP serves an advisory role on the DSME project to ensure that global best practices are incorporated into the DSME project outputs and activities, including:

  • Software requirements,
  • The development and integration of digital tools, and
  • Testing, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation plans.

Common Goods Development

Community members with open-source software development or implementation expertise may contribute their time to create and test global, common goods that can be adopted by other community members and mobile tool providers, including:

  • Reusable implementation materials such as checklists, training materials and job aids, and template documents that can be customized for any country implementation (see Implementation Guidance),
  • Code libraries that can be integrated into multiple mobile tools to provide users with common functionality, regardless of which mobile tool they are using (see Geospatial Widget), and
  • Foundational software platforms and databases that can be used to centrally store and manage access to common data required by multiple mobile tools used in a country (see Common Geo-Registry and Common Data Dictionary), and
  • Sharing common software design principles that can improve ease of use of digital tools for malaria-endemic environments.

Long-term Sustainability

Community members will work together to sustain collaboration and reduce redundant work, investments, and technology fragmentation in malaria and other health areas, by:

  • Committing to participating in community meetings and sharing updates on relevant work, plans, and the latest developments in technology and implementation experience to create greater awareness of best practices and areas of unmet need, and
  • Actively participating in regular discussions on the direction of the community to shape its purpose, responsibilities, and governance structure.

Documentation and Dissemination

Community members will work together to document, disseminate, and support uptake of information and knowledge generated by this community to country malaria elimination programs, by:

  • Documenting and sharing use cases describing the application of global common goods,
  • Hosting and contributing to global forums to link implementing partners and country programs to global common goods and processes,
  • Providing frameworks and tools to guide country programs’ and implementing partners’ budgeting and planning processes for implementation and sustainability of common goods and mobile tools, and
  • Linking WHO malaria elimination certification processes with common goods and mobile tools created and used by this community.

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